The UBS Career Guide

Preface to the 2011 Edition

The workplace keeps undergoing changes in response to domestic and global events and trends. Educational institutions also continue to reorganize their programmes accordingly. In the second decade of the 21st century, many new institutions and universities have come into the picture, which were not there when the last edition of this book was published. Keeping abreast of developments in education and training and the workplace is fascinating and challenging. And the overwhelming enthusiastic response to the earlier editions of The UBS Career Guide makes all the painstaking research and ongoing updating really worthwhile.

The various previous editions of the book have seen the boom in the job market as a result of the liberalisation of the Indian economy, the emergence of information technology not just as a career but as a facilitator for almost all industries and sectors, the downturn, and the emergence of the New World Order where the developed economies are seeking to keep pace with the rising fortunes of India and China.

A lot has happened in the financial markets in the last few years; hence, the chapter on Stockbroking had to be completely overhauled. The chapter on Accountancy had to be completely re-written as the formal accountancy programmes have undergone changes to keep in step with international standards. New aspects in all other careers had to be integrated in the relevant chapters. With India projected to conduct nearly 5% of the global clinical trials by 2012, it became imperative to include the chapter on Clinical Research.

Entry into professional programmes at reputed institutions continues to be competitive. The new processes of entry are highlighted so that students are empowered to factor them into their career planning process. Competitive examinations conducted by the Union Public Service Commission/ Staff Selection Commission, etc. have undergone some changes and additions, which have been integrated in the relevant chapters.

The distance education system has been gaining widespread popularity over the years. By widening access to higher education, the distance mode provides an opportunity for those who wish to stay employable in a dynamic work environment by catering to the needs of certification, education, knowledge, skill upgradation etc. Appendix 1 is devoted to updating readers with the new possibilities and the leads for further exploration in this regard.

Appendix 2 International Education has been completely updated, with links to the right resources for a better overview of the educational structure of popular international destinations for the Indian student. It would help the reader plan realistically and in keeping with the schedule of admissions in universities/institutions abroad.

Appendix 3 deals with Personality Assessment, which is an essential process for entering any workplace of the 21st century.

Appendix 4 on Personality Development is relevant for all those who wish to be successful in any field.

Appendix 5 (Career Clusters-I) informs one on how a career plan can be formulated keeping personality traits, aptitudes, abilities etc., in mind , while Appendix 6 (Career Clusters-II) reveals what levels of education are needed for entry into different careers. In both these discussions, the reader is made aware of the testing pattern/ selection procedures for the various careers.

The edition is updated in the present context, while projecting the future that today’s students are headed towards. Readers are also given an insight into careers which are popular and/ or have more avenues for employment. All chapters contain a list of prominent training institutions (with URL/ websites), but the reader can probe further into other institutions through the websites of the professional councils and regulatory bodies of the different professions.

The book gives an overview of the prominent career opportunities and professional programmes available. Readers may identify which of them are in tune with their own personality traits, individual aptitudes and abilities, and plan their education accordingly. This new edition is meant to help readers keep pace with educational and career trends.

About The Book

Most students find themselves on the horns of a dilemma when it comes to choosing a career. They are aware, that in the twenty first century, there are lots to exciting opportunities to explore but few are clear what the career options are and how to make an informed decision. The UBS Career Guide seeks to change that. It is the perfect career guide which not only showcases the wide spectrum of career options but also provides invaluable information on various aspects related to making career decisions.

Besides an alphabetical listing of careers with useful information on the premier institutions for the relevant training and education, the guide also offers details of eligibility criteria and modes of entry ; suitable personality traits for specific career options; prospects and placements for each career; relevant leads on exploring international education ; insight into the selection process for various careers; tips on personality development; possibilities in distance education for ongoing education and career development to keep pace with the dynamic work environment of the 21st century.

The edition is now updated in keeping with the present and projecting a future that today’s students are headed towards. It is meant to help readers keep pace with educational and career trends in recent years and position themselves for a future that promises to be more exciting and varied than ever before.

All the best in choosing the ideal career!


I want to thank all the people at UBSPD, who always work so hard and do such a fine job on my books.

I would like to thank my sons Surojit and Samarjit, who not only helped me in researching the different subjects but also provided an insight into the minds of today's youth. A special thanks to Samarjit for being the backbone in editing and verifying facts.

And I must thank my husband for his unstinting support and encouragement, without which I wouldn't have completed the project.